CRA deferred the filing due date for the 2019 tax returns of individuals

Coronavirus tax deadline extension

In order to provide greater flexibility to Canadians during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) deferred the deadline for individuals to file income taxes and has been extended it from April 30, 2020 to June 1, 2020 giving people an extra month to file their returns to the Canada Revenue Agency. The deadline to pay any income tax owed to the government will also be extended, allowing Canadians to pay it off without interest or penalties until August 31, 2020. This relief would apply to tax balances due, as well as installments, under Part I of the Income Tax Act. No interest or penalties will accumulate on these amounts during this period. 

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Netfile software 2015

Latest Netfile software 2022 for income tax year 2021 can be found here

Simple income tax calculator published on this site can be used to calculate approximate taxes you need to pay, but you must use certified software to file your tax return to CRA.

This is Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) certified Netfile software 2015 needed to file tax return for year 2014 in Canada. Software is listed in alphabetic order:

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