Savings Interest Calculator

This simple interest calculator has three parameters to enter:

Interest type – select Simple or Compound interest
Deposit – you initial $ amount you wish to deposit into your savings account.
Years of savings – number of years for how long you’ll keep money in this account.
Interest rate – what is interest rate % you expect to get

Top 3 highest savings interest accounts

You can get 2.5% interest rate with Bridgewater Bank’ Smart eSavings account.

Okean Financial offers 2.3% interest rate

With B2B Bank high interest savings account you can earn 1.6%

The best GIC accounts

Canadian Tire Bank offers the best interest
3.35% rate for 5 years GICs

Laurentian Bank of Canada also offers one of the best interest
3.3% rate for 5 years GICs

Home Equity Bank offer 3.1% interest rate for 5 years GIC

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